I have been deploying web servers for a very long time, which makes me feel comfortable while saying i have enough experience on that stuff. Most of the individual projects i set up Nginx as the web server just not because the performance issue, also i am much familiar with it than Apache.

As you can read on many different articles which compares those famous web servers, both has different pros and cons which is not a point that i will cover in this article. Anyways, if you want to deploy Nginx on a Cent OS 7.x machine with Virtualmin, you will probable face with a problem which you can not start, stop or restart the Nginx service.

By default, on Cent OS 7.x the Virtualmin with Nginx comes with an improper setting (especially after updating the Virtualmin components) which makes the service failing on start/stop actions.

To solve the problem just follow the path to Virtualmin > System Settings > Features and Plugins and click on Nginx to open the VM config form. Change /etc/init.d/nginx start to service nginx start, /etc/init.d/nginx stop to service nginx stop and /etc/init.d/nginx restart to service nginx restart

After saving the new configuration, just go to Server Status and restart Nginx.

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