I have been using Linux since 1997 and from that time i tried most of the main distros on the Linux universe. In the beginnings, i tried distros such as Slackware and Red Hat to be more familiar with the Linux operating system. But after some time, all i wanted was user friendly, good looking and a simple desktop distro.

So that i’ve come up with Ubuntu, Fedora and OpenSUSE. I used them for a long time and i liked each of the distros mentioned here, so that they were the coolest ones for me just because i want everything to be smooth and simple. I don’t want to mesh up with any configurations just for simple activities on an OS.

I was always into hacking and securing things. So i tried to improve myself on system administration and securing/hardening Linux. After that, i was also into secure coding and in time i just found myself as a penetration testing engineer.


The journey continues with security distros

So i began using Kali Linux just because i didn’t want to install all that tools to my Ubuntu computer one by one. Also there were some scripts that does it for you, sometimes it can give errors and that would be also another troublesome situation.

A few days ago, i just wanted to see how Parrot OS works and installed it on my primary machine. And to be honest, i liked it more than Kali. When i installed the new distro (new for me) i realized that it comes with Mate which also brings me to my old days. That times i was using Gnome 2 and it was so nostalgic for me.

But after some time, i realized that Mate is not cool for me because i also like the jazzy effects of Gnome 3. So i tried to install Cinnamon and i think from now on i will be using that desktop environment with any distro i will be using in the future.

I will write another blog article about, why i really love Cinnamon and will be using that instead of Gnome 3. But for now, i can say that if you are a Gnome 2 guy, but also want to have the new features and the coolness of Gnome 3, you really have to give a try for Cinnamon!

To do that just open the Terminal and write the code below:

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